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Perio Restore® in Hartland, MI

Perio Restore® is an oral cleansing gel designed to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Made up of a blend of natural ingredients, including essential oils and plant extracts, the gel aims to control harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease when used at home as part of a daily oral care routine.

Gum disease is an infection of the gums that, when left untreated, can gradually destroy the support of the natural teeth. Periodontal disease is serious and should be treated immediately to avoid tooth loss. Periodontal maintenance is the most common treatment for periodontal disease. If you are undergoing periodontal maintenance, we may recommend the Perio Restore gel to use to prevent the disease from worsening between your regular periodontal maintenance visits.

The Perio Restore gel helps remove harmful bacteria and plaque from teeth and gums, while also supporting the natural healing processes of the mouth. It can help reduce inflammation, bleeding, and other symptoms associated with gum disease. To use the gel, carefully apply a small amount of the gel to your toothbrush (in replace of or addition to your regular toothpaste) and gently massage it onto your teeth and gums for 1-2 minutes, then rinse. Perio Restore is safe and effective for all ages.

We recommend Perio Restore for patients who have gingivitis or early-stage gum disease, or patients who are at risk for these conditions. You can find Perio Restore over-the-counter but should only use it under the direction of a dental professional.