Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had a bad experience getting filling in the past by my previous dentist so I was overly anxious this time. Everyone made me so comfortable and eased my mind. I was offered nitrous to help me relax. I’ve never had that before and it was AMAZING!! They talked to me, kept asking if I was okay etc. I have a muscle disease so it’s hard for me to swallow and I kept choking on my saliva while they were doing the filling and they had to keep stopping to sit me up and give me a break. I felt like a big problem and an awful patient but they reassured me I was just fine and they had all the time in the world to take their time with me. It was such a nice experience and I really felt like I was their main priority at that time. I’ve already told several people about my great experience at Dr. Cranston’s office and recommend this office to everyone!

- Charity P

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